BRC explained

This class is what is required in Texas to apply for your motorcycle endorsement. The State mandates the price at no more than $250. Upon successful completion you will only need to provide your completion card and pay a small fee to get your motorcycle endorsement at a DPS licensing office!

If you are an adult, completion of the class waves the written and riding portion of the DPS test.

We use an assortment of motorcycles. We currently have three medium size cruisers, two small cruisers, three very small Zpro motorcycles, and two small super-moto type bikes. All of them are fun! You can bring and use your own inspected and insured bike, but we encourage you to use ours.

Start to finish the classroom is over 3 hours of fun activities that test your vision and cognitive skills, reaction time, and ability to cooperate with others.

You must bring a completed eCourse certificate to the class room. A link to the online course will be sent to you upon enrollment.
You will need to bring the following for the riding portion: long pants, long sleeve shirt, and shoes or boots that cover the ankle bone. No exceptions.

You must also wear a helmet, gloves and eye protection while on the motorcycle, which we will supply if you don’t have your own. We recommend that you bring multiple layers on cooler days, bright and light long sleeve shirt on hot days, footwear with as low a heel as possible, and rain gear if there is a possibility of rain. We ride rain or shine!

The riding portion is split over two days, approximately 5 hours each day. While using our motorcycles you will have fun learning the basics of safe motorcycle operation. There is a riding skill test at the end of day 2.

Very few students can’t meet the riding objectives in the time allowed and those that do, most of them pass the riding test easily. If you can’t meet the objectives in the time allowed we will encourage you to re-enter the class and start again at a later date, or we may possibly encourage you to re-consider riding a motorcycle at all. Riding a motorcycle is not easy. Mental alertness, physical stamina, and motor coordination are necessary.

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