Who is The Ride Company? Where is the Class?

The Ride Company was created by Bryce Bailey Gross to serve the Hill Country with motorcycle training. Bryce trains in the Austin area full time and recognized the need for a motorcycle safety site nearer to your area. With the help of the MFISD, we've opened up a great location!

The classroom portion is held at the Marble Falls Elementary School building E room 110. The riding portion is done in the massive visitor parking lot of the high school's football stadium. Click on the Class Schedule to find out when the next class is, sign up, and get ready to have fun!

We're new to the area and many people are still heading to Austin, so as our schedule starts to fill up, class times will be adjusted. From May to September the class sometimes has a Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule. A typical 3-day course starts at 6PM on Friday for the classroom portion, then you'll ride from 8AM-1PM both Saturday and Sunday.

November 2014 Class
First Class in May 2013
From the archives.
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